Mike Wells MP3 Files Updated: 06/15/2010

Each of these MP3 files constitute one side of a cassette tape or a CD in a series. You'll notice the names ending in something like _T1S1, which means Tape 1, Side 1. Otherwise they are named Disc 1, etc. We have permission from Abiding Life Ministries Intl. to distribute these recordings. Their copyright statement says: "just make sure you copy it right", we did.

These files will range in size from 3 to 8 MB each. Be aware that if you click on the link for a file and you have an MP3 player on your PC, Internet Explorer will try to open the MP3 player and stream the data to your PC. Instead, we suggest that you right-click on the link, choose Save Target As... and save the file to your PC then listen to it locally.

If you're new to Mike Wells and his ministry, we suggest that you start with the two files in The Abiding Life in a Capsule set. They offer a good introduction to the Abiding Life message and it's principles.

Time & Eternity
Recognizing God
Note: Recognizing God is a bit higher quality than what we have posted in the past.  Each Disc link points to a zip file.  You can download a free zip tool HERE.
Abiding Life in a Capsule

Keeping the Focus 

The Death of Religion
Bury Your Marriage Faith We Have A God Living the Abiding Life
Principles of Abiding Problems, His Presence and Prayer Simple Foundations
Suited For Abiding The Living Word Victory Through Abiding

For help with these files please contact mwdl (at symbol) hosteng (dot) com