Welcome to the free online resource for MP3 media from Abiding Life Ministries International. Updates will be posted here as to the content that will be available through this site.  We have received several requests asking if higher quality renderings of these files will be available on this site.  We will not be providing that at this time.  This site is meant to offer a free way to acquire ALMI materials if that is what best helps you at this point in your journey.  If you need higher quality versions of these files please consider purchasing them from www.abidinglife.com, for this is a great way to contribute financially to a ministry that God has used to touch all of us.  These files are hosted here with the blessing of ALMI as a service to you.  For more information HERE is Mike's official stance on the copyright of his material and the materials found on this site.  

For help with these files please contact mwdl (at symbol) hosteng (dot) com